Regular Bags

  • bolsas portadocumentos
  • bolsas transparentes
  • bolsas con cierre zip
  • bolsas con cierre zipper
  • bolsas con abrefacil
  • bolsas con cierre hermetico
  • bolsas con sello hermetico

This regular polyethylene bag with perfect seal is convenient for multiple uses.

Regular bags are excellent for packing all types of metal, plastic, food, documents, among others.

MediasWe manufacture bags between 2" x 3" and 20" x 24" (w/h)

200, 400 y 600

Code Description Measurement in inches
TRN-2X3 Transparent 2x3
TRN-3X4 Transparent 3x4
TRN-4X6 Transparent 4x6
TRN-5X8 Transparent 5x8
TRN-6X10 Transparent 6x10
TRN-8X10 Transparent 8x10
TRN-10X12 Transparent 10x12
TRN-12X12 Transparent 12x12
TRN-13X15 Transparent 13x15
TRN-15X18 Transparent 15x18
TRN-20X24 Transparent 20x24
TRN-amed Transparent A the Measurement

Advantages of Regular Bags

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